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Monix: Revealed – Our Best-selling Crypto Wallets and Seed Phrase Storage in 2023

Monix: Revealed – Our Best-selling Crypto Wallets and Seed Phrase Storage in 2023

Welcome to the roundup of our best-selling cold wallets and seed phrase storage products in 2023! Our roundup offers valuable insights into the products that have proved most popular in the UK crypto wallet market. Our focus today is not just on the what, but the why – why these particular products have won the trust and wallets of our customers, and why they might just be the right choice for you in 2024.

This year has witnessed a surge in the adoption of hardware wallets. We couldn't be more proud of our role in this, bringing the widest selection of top brands to the UK crypto community. Every hardware wallet we sell means there is one more person that has taken ownership of their private keys. This is why, as we move into 2024, we're committed to expanding our mission with even better products and an even broader selection.

Stay with us as we unwrap the success stories of the year’s top-selling products from Trezor, SafePal S1, ELLIPAL Titan and Mini, new offerings from OneKey, and the old favourite BitBox02. Each of these has carved its own niche, offering something unique depending what you need in a cold wallet. At the end of this piece we'll take a look at your feedback, emerging trends and what we're planning for Monix in 2024. So, enough intro, let's explore what made these products the people’s choice for crypto security in 2023!


Top-Selling Cold Wallets of 2023

As we reflect on the phenomenal year that was 2023, here's a closer look at top-selling cold wallets that Monix proudly brought to the UK's crypto community.

Trezor Model T

  • Overview: The Trezor Model T has been about for a few years. Known for its large, full-colour touchscreen, it sets a high bar for user interaction in the crypto wallet space. This feature has made it a lot easier for users to enter PINs and review crypto addresses, significantly enhancing the UX.
  • Key Features: Apart from the impressive screen, the Trezor Model T stands out for its ability to purchase cryptocurrencies directly through the Trezor Wallet app using fiat currency. This level of integration is a UX life-saver, offering users an all-in-one platform for buying, storing, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.
  • Security: With private keys stored and isolated inside the device, the Trezor Model T ensures top-notch security. The addition of a PIN and optional passphrase creates multiple layers of security.
  • Why it was a bestseller: The combination of a user-friendly interface, high-level security, Trezor brand trust and the convenience of an in-app exchange has made the Trezor Model T a top choice for both beginners and experienced users. It truly appeals to everybody.


SafePal S1

  • Overview: The SafePal S1 brings a unique combination of a full-colour screen and a D-pad, complemented by a built-in camera for high-speed QR code scanning. This design makes the transaction-signing process both secure and convenient.
  • Key Features: Supporting over 30,000 cryptocurrencies across 54 blockchains, including a variety of ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, the SafePal S1 caters to a broad spectrum of crypto enthusiasts. Its capacity to manage NFTs adds another layer of versatility​​​​.
  • Security: What sets the SafePal S1 apart is its air-gapped transaction capability, eliminating the need for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, or USB connections. This feature, combined with its CC EAL 5+ certification and self-destruct mechanism, positions it as a pinnacle of security in hardware wallets​​.
  • Why it was a bestseller: The combination of its advanced security features, support for a wide range of assets, and the innovative air-gapped transaction system have made the SafePal S1 a preferred choice for users prioritising security without compromising on convenience. The fact it checks in as one of our most affordable crypto wallets probably doesn't hurt either!



  • Overview: The BitBox02, from Swiss company Shift Cryptosecurity AG, offers two editions: one supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and another exclusively for Bitcoin. Its compact design resembles an unassuming USB stick, providing discreet and portable security.
  • Key Features: The BitBox02 features intuitive touch sensors on both sides, enabling easy navigation for transaction verification, address reception, and more. This design makes it user-friendly, particularly for confirming actions directly on the device​​.
  • Security: The BitBox02's commitment to security is evident in its open-source firmware, ensuring transparency and reliability (don't trust, verify!) Each device undergoes rigorous authentication at the factory setup, and USB communication is encrypted for added protection against external threats​​.
  • Why it was a bestseller: The BitBox02's blend of discreet design, robust security, and user-friendly features, along with its open-source approach, have long made it a preferred choice for users seeking a reliable and straightforward crypto wallet.


OneKey Touch

  • Overview: We added OneKey products to Monix in 2023 and the most popular by far has been the OneKey Touch. Known for its secure and user-friendly interface, it brings a new option at the top-end of the crypto hardware wallet market. Its compact and lightweight design, complemented by a 3.1-inch touchscreen, provides a seamless user experience.
  • Key Features: Supporting over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and 43+ blockchains, the OneKey Touch caters to a huge range of crypto traders and HODLers. Its standout features include a secure element chip, open-source firmware, and the ability to set a custom PIN and passphrase for enhanced security​​​​.
  • Security: The OneKey Touch uses a secure element chip (similar to those used in passports or credit cards) for tamper-resistant storage, ensuring it is almost impossible for attackers to extract or modify stored keys. It also facilitates secure boot processes, ensuring the integrity of the device's firmware​​.
  • Why it was a bestseller: Its combination of ultra-secure features, ease of setup, and versatility in managing and trading crypto on various blockchains has made the OneKey Touch a hit, especially among beginners looking for a straightforward and reliable hardware wallet​​. In our opinion it is also one of the cleanest looking crypto wallets out there.

Trezor One

  • Overview: The Trezor One is a beautifully simplistic piece of kit. It stands out with its impact-resistant ABS plastic casing and an ARM Cortex-M3 processor. It's also earned its place on this list, having topped countless "Best Crypto Hardware Wallet" lists for years and years since its release in 2014.
  • Key Features: The Trezor One supports a list of over 1,200 coins and tokens, including all 10,000+ ERC20 tokens. Although it supports slightly fewer options than the Trezor Model T, it covers many major coins, making it a versatile choice for users​​​​.
  • Security: Trezor One’s primary focus is on security. Users rest easy knowing their crypto is safe from hacks, viruses, and malware. The device’s user-friendly interface supports buying, selling, and managing crypto assets with ease on the Trezor Wallet app​​.
  • Why it was a bestseller: The Trezor One's simplicity and affordability, combined with its security and support for a decent number of cryptocurrencies, has long made it a popular choice for both newbies and experienced users. Its ability to store NFTs on supported networks adds to its appeal, despite the need for third-party apps for NFT transactions​​.



  • Overview: The ELLIPAL Titan is the world’s first fully metal-made, air-sealed hardware wallet, offering exceptional security against physical attacks. Designed for mobile use, it stands out for its unique approach to data exchange via QR codes, completely dispensing with network connections​​. Monix is now stocking its successor, the ELLIPAL Titan 2.0 which was released in December 2023.
  • Key Features: The ELLIPAL Titan features an aluminium alloy housing, which is resistant to dust and water. This air-encapsulated design, coupled with a 1400mAh battery, ensures durability and long-lasting performance​​.
  • Security: The wallet’s airtight design is integral to its security, relying solely on QR codes for data transfer. This design eliminates the need for USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections, ensuring secure transactions signed only with QR codes​​.
  • Why it was a bestseller: ELLIPAL's innovative approach to security, coupled with support for a huge range of cryptocurrencies on both Android and iOS platforms, has made the ELLIPAL Titan a preferred choice for users seeking a mobile-oriented, highly secure hardware wallet​​.


ELLIPAL Titan Mini

  • Overview: The Titan Mini continued the legacy of the ELLIPAL Titan, by maintaining the same high-security standards and convenience but in a more portable form. Its metal frame is made from aluminium alloy which contributes to its enhanced durability, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go users​​.
  • Key Features: Coming in a bit cheaper that the original Titan, the Titan Mini offers excellent value, making it an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality wallet without a hefty price tag. It supports around 36 blockchains and over 10,000 tokens. Both the Titan and Titan Mini support staking for popular Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies.
  • Security: The Titan Mini's standout feature is the signature ELLIPAL air-gapped design, which ensures that the wallet remains completely offline, even during transactions. This design eliminates the need for USB cables or Bluetooth connectivity, significantly enhancing security against remote attacks.
  • Why it was a bestseller: The ELLIPAL Titan Mini gained popularity due to its combination of high-quality build, comprehensive security features, and user-friendly interface. Its ability to support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and staking options, along with its competitive pricing, resonated well with the needs of the modern crypto user, driving its sales on Monix​​.


Best-Selling Seed Phrase Storage of 2023

ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal

  • Overview: Recognising the vulnerability of paper-stored seed phrases, especially as your crypto holdings grow, is a natural progression for security-obsessed crypto investors. This seed phrase storage case has emerged as a vital solution for ensuring the longevity and safety of your crypto wallets​​. It has since been replaced by the ELLIPAL Seed Phrase Steel which Monix now has in stock for the new year!

  • Key Features: The ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal is built to last, offering protection that beats the typical fragility of paper-based seed phrase storage ten times out of ten. The design also allows for the addition of a reliable lock. Plus, following the BIP39 standard, it only requires the first four letters of each word in your mnemonic phrase, streamlining the recovery process while maintaining security​​.

  • Why it was a bestseller: The ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal's balance of affordability and top-tier protection resonated with our customers, making it a go-to choice for safeguarding their vital backup phrases. Universal compatibility: Whether it's used alongside an ELLIPAL wallet or any other cold wallet, the ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal provided a universal solution to a universal problem, attracting a wide array of UK crypto investors seeking reliable seed phrase security​​​​.


SafePal Cypher Seed Board

  • Overview: Made from 304-grade stainless steel known for its high chromium and nickel content, the Cypher offers excellent corrosion resistance. This metallic board is crafted to ensure the utmost protection of mnemonic phrases, crucial for recovering crypto wallets.

  • Key Features: Designed with user convenience in mind, it features two separate stainless steel plates that are easily assembled manually. This design allows users to securely store their 12, 18, or 24-word seed phrases without any hassle​​​​.

  • Why it was a bestseller: The SafePal Cypher gained its bestseller status at Monix due to its exceptional build quality and ease of use. Its ability to safeguard one of the most critical components of crypto security – the seed phrase – resonated strongly with our customers. The fact it works with almost any crypto wallet on the market makes it highly versatile, and not just for fans of the SafePal S1.


Your Feedback and Market Trends of 2023

Looking back on 2023, I'm extremely proud to say that Monix did really well. With customers giving us a perfect average rating of 5 out of 5, this shows we're doing a great job keeping our customers happy and providing top-notch products and services.

From feedback we received, you really loved our free next day delivery and you also valued the expert advice we provided. In terms of trends, a big thing we noticed in 2023 was more people choosing to buy hardware wallets and seed phrase storage together. To respond to this, we have created a special mix & match deal that made these products cheaper and more convenient to buy.

We also saw that people were starting to tend towards lesser-known brands. We're glad about this. It means our customers are getting more confident and curious about crypto hardware wallets, looking beyond the typical big names.


What to Look Forward to from Monix in 2024

We're already gearing up to bring an exciting range of new products from trusted partners like ELLIPAL, SafePal, and Trezor. Our commitment to enhancing your crypto security experience drives us to constantly update our offerings with the latest and most effective solutions. But that's just the beginning – throughout the year, we're looking to expand our partnerships, bringing a diverse array of new and innovative products to the UK's crypto wallet community. We're eager to hear from you – who would you like us to partner with next? Your suggestions could shape the future of Monix's product line-up. Thanks for reading, see you on the other side!

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