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We founded Monix with the objective of revolutionising the way UK crypto investors access cryptocurrency hardware wallets and accompanying accessories. The days where UK crypto investors had to endure prolonged delivery times and exorbitant import duties just to obtain these life-saving devices from abroad are now behind us.

Why shop with Monix?

Our primary vision is to establish a comprehensive hub for all your cold storage wallet requirements, accompanied by swift and complimentary shipping to both the UK and mainland Europe. In our journey to achieve this, we have built a collection that includes some of the globe's most reputable crypto hardware brands. The essence of retaining autonomy over your private keys and shielding your coins from potential breaches and unforeseen exchange collapses is something we deeply resonate with. It is this conviction that drives us to advocate the adoption of a hardware wallet for everyone in our crypto community.

Each of the brands in our shop has hand-selected us to be their representative in the UK, after undergoing a rigorous selection and testing process. But don’t trust, verify, check the links on this page where our credentials as official resellers are listed. The best crypto wallets from your favourite brands are shipped directly from the manufacturer to our secure warehouse. From there, no other employee has access to the products until the order is shipped directly to our customers.

Shop top brands, find the best hardware wallet for your crypto.

At Monix, not only can you swiftly pinpoint the ideal cold wallet tailored to your specifications, but also do so without any compromises on the pace or security of the process. Among our top sellers, we proudly house the Trezor Model T and Trezor Model One. For those keen on exploring other reliable alternatives, you can explore our ELLIPAL Titan, BitBox and SafePal ranges. We've also recently expanded our collection to include the ELLIPAL Titan Mini, catering to crypto investors who appreciate compactness without a reduction in functionality.