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ELLIPAL is a company specialising in one-stop solutions for crypto security and blockchain services. It was founded by two experts in encryption technology in 2018, David and Tom. Headquartered in Hong Kong, ELLIPAL was created with the goal of improving the safety of crypto for individuals and businesses.

The ELLIPAL story:

ELLIPAL has carved a notable niche in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet market with its innovative products. It started in 2018 with the ELLIPAL Titan, a standout device for its air-gapped security, ensuring no need for internet connectivity, thereby significantly minimising hacking risks. Its robust metal casing provided additional tamper-proof physical protection. Following the success of the Titan, ELLIPAL expanded its range with the Titan Mini, a more compact and portable version, without compromising on security. This model catered to users seeking a convenient, travel-friendly wallet. The evolution of ELLIPAL's product line continues with the ELLIPAL Titan 2.0, which built on the strengths of its predecessors. It featured an improved user interface, faster transaction capabilities, and broader cryptocurrency support. The Titan 2.0 maintained the hallmark air-gapped security while incorporating technological advancements, thus continuing ELLIPAL's legacy of combining high security with user-friendly design in crypto hardware wallets.

Why buy an ELLIPAL crypto hardware wallet?

The ELLIPAL range offers unparalleled security on top of user convenience. ELLIPAL's air-gapped technology, a standout feature, eliminates the need for internet connectivity, significantly reducing the risk of online hacking. The robust, tamper-proof construction on all models ensures physical durability, ensuring your wallet should stand the test of time. Designed to support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and featuring an intuitive interface, ELLIPAL crypto wallets are suitable for both experienced investors and beginners. Opting for ELLIPAL means choosing a perfect blend of advanced security and user-friendly functionality.

Monix stocks the full range in the UK, browse the range and enjoy free next day UK delivery when you’re ready to order. All ELLIPAL products sold in the UK include a free premium 12 month warranty, get in touch for more details and advice.