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CoolWallet is a revolutionary solution for secure crypto hardware wallets that offers a sleek and user-friendly design. The company behind the products, CoolBitX, was founded in 2014 (a veteran in the fast-moving crypto world!) with the goal of addressing the security challenges faced by crypto users, who at the time were reliant on hot wallets with limited protection.

In response, CoolWallet introduced a portable, credit card-sized cold wallet that is built on advanced technology, making it highly secure and durable. With the CoolWallet, users can easily store, protect, and manage their crypto and NFTs without having to sacrifice convenience or ease of use.

CoolWallet’s unique and innovative crypto hardware wallets offer the best of both worlds, combining the security of a cold storage wallet with the portability of a hot wallet (cold + hot = Cool!), making it a great choice for anyone looking to safely and easily manage their crypto.