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9 Best Crypto Hardware Wallet Affiliate Programs

9 Best Crypto Hardware Wallet Affiliate Programs

As cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, the focus on keeping your coins secure is more important than ever. This brings hardware wallets into the spotlight. The market for these essential tools is expected to jump from $0.47 billion in 2024 to a staggering $1.89 billion by 2029. At the same time, the global affiliate marketing industry is set to grow by 63% in the next four years.

Now is the perfect time for affiliate marketers to tap into this expanding market. In this guide, I'll dive into the top cryptocurrency hardware wallet affiliate programs. I'll take a look at their commission rates, special features, and share tips on how to maximise your earnings and make the most of this growing trend.

Bar chart showing the growth of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet market 

Before I get started, these are the most important things to consider with affiliate programs which I'll refer to throughout the article:

Commission rates:

    • This is the percentage you'll earn from each sale through your referral, and it directly affects how much income you can make.
    • Why it's important: Duh! Higher commission rates mean more earnings for you.

Terms & conditions:

    • Rules of the program, including how long cookies last (i.e. how long after someone clicks on your link will a purchase still be credited to you), the methods through which the affiliate program will pay you your earnings (crypto, bank transfer etc.), and any minimum earnings before payout.
    • Why it's important: Understanding T&Cs helps you know how and when you get paid and any specific requirements you need to meet, ensuring no surprises later on.

Perks and tools available to affiliates:

    • These can include promotional materials, special discounts, or tracking tools provided by the program to help you make more sales.
    • Why it's important: Having the right tools and perks can make it easier for you to promote products effectively and track your success, boosting your affiliate marketing efforts.


Top Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Affiliate Programs

  1. Ledger Affiliate Program
  2. Trezor Affiliate Program
  3. ELLIPAL Affiliate Program
  4. SafePal Affiliate Program
  5. BitBox Affiliate Program
  6. OneKey Affiliate Program
  7. Keystone Affiliate Program
  8. NGRAVE Affiliate Program
  9. SecuX Affiliate Program

Bar chart showing the 9 best crypto hardware wallet affiliate programs - Monix


1. Ledger Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 10%
  • Cookie duration: Not specified
  • Payout method: Bitcoin only
  • Minimum payout: €50
  • Signup here: Ledger Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Decent commission rate, high natural demand for the brand, diverse range of products

Ledger’s affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity for those who are just getting started. With a 10% commission rate and a globally recognised brand, Ledger's program stands out for beginner affiliate marketers.

The range of products Ledger offers, from the Ledger Nano S to the more advanced Ledger Nano X, caters to a broad range of crypto users. This variety not only makes it easier to target a wider audience but also enhances your potential to earn commissions through your referrals.

Remember, your audience relies on you for guidance of their crypto security. By partnering with Ledger, you're aligning with a brand synonymous with security and reliability. It's an opportunity to build trust with your audience while benefiting from one of the most competitive commission rates in the niche.

Ledger crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



2. Trezor Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 12-15%
  • Cookie duration: Not specified
  • Payout method: Bitcoin or bank transfer in EUR
  • Minimum payout: €100 for BTC, €200 for bank transfer
  • Signup here: Trezor Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Joint highest base commission rate, renowned brand reputation, and exceptional product quality

Trezor is a legacy in the cryptocurrency world, they released the first ever hardware wallet! Their affiliate program is a standout, offering one of the highest base commission rates in the game, with the opportunity to raise it up to 15%! This makes it a highly attractive proposition for affiliate marketing. Trezor's prestige as one of the most respected brands in cryptocurrency hardware wallets adds a layer of trust and authenticity to your promotions.

As someone who frequently interacts with individuals in the crypto community, I've noticed a strong preference towards Trezor's products due to their reputation for security and longevity. The Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T, in particular, sell incredibly well. The wide-ranging appeal of Trezor’s wallets, from the Model One and Model T to the newly released Safe 3, offers a fantastic opportunity for affiliates. It opens up diverse avenues to connect with audiences and drive meaningful sales.

Ofir Beigel, the founder of, has spoken highly of the Trezor affiliate program: “Promoting Trezor has been an outstanding experience so far. The product is great, and it's much easier promoting a product you use yourself. The support team has also been helpful with issues I've had, and payments are on time.” This endorsement underlines the program's reliability and the ease of promoting Trezor products, especially when they align with your personal use and experience.

Trezor crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



3. ELLIPAL Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 10% (15% when over 100 orders referred per quarter)
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days
  • Payout method: PayPal or USDT
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Signup here: ELLIPAL Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Unique product offering with 100% offline cold wallet, competitive commission rate

What makes the ELLIPAL Affiliate Program attractive is its competitive commission rates. Affiliates earn a standard 10% commission, which increases to an impressive 15% for those who refer over 100 orders per quarter. This rate is among the highest in the affiliate marketing landscape. Additionally, as a crypto fan myself I’m happy to see the flexibility in payment methods – with options to be paid through both PayPal and USDT.

Affiliates have the chance to promote ELLIPAL’s unique product offerings, including their 100% offline cold wallets. These products are renowned for their security and innovation in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet market, making them appealing to a broad audience of crypto enthusiasts.

Overall, the ELLIPAL Affiliate Program not only offers some of the highest commission rates but also pairs this with a unique and highly sought-after product range, making it an excellent choice for those looking to capitalise.

ELLIPAL crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



4. SafePal Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 10% (20% once an affiliate has converted over 100 orders)
  • Cookie duration: Not specified
  • Payout method: PayPal or USDT (BEP20)
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Signup here: SafePal Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Decent commission to start with, great commission for larger scale marketers, offers both fiat and crypto payments

This program is particularly appealing due to SafePal's partnership with Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, which significantly boosts the brand's visibility and credibility.

SafePal's products are known for their affordability, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. This lower cost, coupled with their popularity, means that these products often sell in greater volumes, providing affiliates with the opportunity to build a steady stream of recurring payments. The initial competitive commission rate of 10% is a strong incentive, but what adds even more value is the program's industry-topping 20% once over 100 orders have been converted! This 

Furthermore, the SafePal Affiliate Program offers flexible payout options, accommodating both fiat (through PayPal) and cryptocurrency (USDT on the BEP20 network), catering to the preferences of different affiliates. The minimum payout threshold of $100 is fairly reasonable, ensuring that affiliates can regularly withdraw their earnings.

SafePal crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



5. BitBox Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 12%
  • Cookie duration: 4 Weeks
  • Payout method: Bitcoin, bank transfer or voucher (redeemed at 2x normal value)
  • Minimum payout: €50
  • Signup here: BitBox Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Joint highest base commission rate, brand new affiliate dashboard, promotional banners provided

The BitBox Affiliate Program offers one of the highest base commission rates in the game at 12%. This attractive rate means that affiliates can quickly accumulate earnings. Only about three sales would be needed to reach the relatively low payout threshold of €50.

On top of this, BitBox recently unveiled a brand-new affiliate dashboard, which provides a user-friendly and efficient way for affiliates to track their sales and earnings. Through this dashboard, you also benefit from a variety of promotional materials, including banners, to enhance your marketing efforts.

You can choose to receive their payouts in Bitcoin, via bank transfer, or as a voucher for (which can be redeemed for BitBox products at twice its normal value).

BitBox crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



6. OneKey Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 3650 Days
  • Payout method: Crypto - USDC
  • Minimum payout: No minimum
  • Signup here: OneKey Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Customisable affiliate tracking link, lengthy cookie duration

OneKey is Asia’s most popular hardware wallet, so an excellent choice if a portion of your audience is geographically based there!

The OneKey Affiliate Program has an extraordinarily long cookie duration of 3650 days (assuming this isn't a typo!). This means that sales are credited to an affiliate even if the purchase happens years later. This feature greatly enhances the potential for long-term earnings.

The program offers a fair 7% commission rate and provides customisable tracking links for more effective promotions. Affiliates benefit from the convenience of receiving payments in USDC cryptocurrency, with the added advantage of no minimum payout threshold making this a great one for beginner affiliate marketers.

OneKey crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



7. Keystone Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 Days
  • Payout method: Bitcoin only
  • Minimum payout: $200
  • Signup here: Keystone Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Easy-to-use dashboard, customisable links

The Keystone Affiliate Program offers a fair commission rate of 10%. While the program has an easy-to-use dashboard and customisable links, it is slightly overshadowed by a high minimum payout of $200. Additionally, the presence of a 90-day returns window means payments can be cancelled within this period, which both may affect the predictability of earnings. The payment method is exclusively in Bitcoin, catering to crypto-smart affiliates. This program is a viable option for those comfortable with the higher payout threshold and the specific conditions of the returns window.

Keystone crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



8. NGRAVE Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: €25 per order over €200
  • Cookie duration: 90 Days
  • Payout method: PayPal
  • Minimum payout: No minimum
  • Signup here: NGRAVE Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Attractive fixed commission for high-value orders, focus on the ZERO hardware wallet

The NGRAVE Affiliate Program is an attractive option for the higher-value affiliate marketers among us! It is primarily focussed on the NGRAVE Zero, a premium hardware wallet retailing at over £350. This program offers a significant fixed commission of €25 for each order exceeding €200. Due to the high order value of the NGRAVE Zero, payouts may accumulate more slowly, but they are substantial when they do occur.

With a 90-day cookie duration, the program allows ample time for potential customers to decide, benefiting affiliates with a longer window for credited sales. Payments are conveniently made via PayPal and there is no minimum payout.

I’d say the NGRAVE Affiliate Program is best suited for those who target a market for high-end cryptocurrency security products and are comfortable with potentially slower, yet higher-value, earnings.

NGRAVE crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



9. SecuX Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates: 15%
  • Cookie duration: Not specified
  • Payout method: PayPal
  • Minimum payout: $5
  • Signup here: SecuX Affiliate Program
  • Pros: Unique referral links with special discounts, access to a range of high-quality products

The SecuX Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for those deeply entrenched in the cryptocurrency community, especially for influencers and educators who are passionate about offering a variety of secure storage options. As well as a high commission rate and low minimum payout, the program stands out for its provision of unique referral links and the ability to offer special discounts to your audience!

SecuX crypto hardware wallets affiliate program



Marketing Strategies for Promoting Hardware Wallets in Affiliate Marketing

There’s a huge amount of useful resources out there for budding affiliate marketers. Promoting cryptocurrency hardware wallets in particular requires a blend of strategic marketing and genuine enthusiasm for the product. Here are some of the most common and effective strategies:

  • Create education content: Create blog posts or videos explaining the importance of hardware wallets in securing cryptocurrencies. Explain how products like Ledger or Trezor provide solutions to common security issues in the crypto world.

  • Product reviews and comparisons: Offer in-depth reviews of different hardware wallets, comparing their features, ease of use, and security levels. Honest reviews can build trust and drive informed decisions.

  • SEO-driven content: Optimise your content for search engines to attract organic traffic. Use keywords related to cryptocurrency security, hardware wallets, and specific product names.

  • Social media promotion: Utilise your reach on platforms like Twitter or Reddit and other crypto-focused forums (check first that they allow affiliate links) to discuss the benefits of using hardware wallets. Share your affiliate links within these discussions.

  • Email marketing: If you have a mailing list, send out newsletters highlighting the latest hardware wallet products, updates, or security tips. Include your affiliate links in these emails.

  • User testimonials: Share user experiences and testimonials about hardware wallets. Real stories can significantly impact purchasing decisions.

  • Creating tutorial content: Develop tutorial content that guides users on setting up and using the wallets. This can be particularly effective for products like ELLIPAL or SecuX, which may have unique features. Some affiliate programs (looking at ELLIPAL in particular) will happily send out free samples to use in marketing content.

  • Engaging with the crypto community: Participate on platforms like Discord or Telegram. Share your affiliate links in a context that adds value to the conversation.

  • Offering exclusive discounts or bonuses: Make the most out of your partnership with the wallet companies to offer exclusive discounts or bonuses to your audience when they use your affiliate link.

Above all, the key is to provide value to your audience - especially if you like these products yourself. Authenticity and expertise in the cryptocurrency field can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.

Wrapping Up

So there you go! If you're an affiliate marketer looking to tap into this booming market, now is the perfect time. You can start by exploring the programs I've discussed – each with its unique strengths and offerings. Whether you're drawn to the high commissions of Trezor or the long-term potential of OneKey, there's a program suited to your marketing style and audience.

So what are you waiting for?! Take the next step: sign up for the programs that resonate with your goals, and begin your journey in this exciting and profitable niche.

The crypto hardware wallet market is rapidly growing, and being part of these affiliate programs puts you at the forefront of this exciting market.

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