Keystone 3 Pro

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The Keystone 3 Pro is a top-tier cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed for security and convenience. Featuring a unique triple secure chip architecture, it ensures your private keys are completely isolated from online risks. Compatible with major wallets like MetaMask and OKX Web3 Wallet, the Keystone 3 Pro offers seamless integration for a wide range of crypto and DeFi activities. A full-colour touchscreen enhances user experience, while its multi-seed phrase support allows easy switching between accounts. The Keystone 3 Pro represents a fusion of advanced security and practicality in cryptocurrency management, going way beyond simple crypto cold storage.

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Key Features

  • Triple Secure Chip Architecture: Ensures the highest level of security by isolating private keys from online vulnerabilities, triple chip design is a unique feature to the Keystone 3 Pro which no other hardware wallet on the market currently has

  • Compatibility with Major Wallets: Works seamlessly with leading wallets including MetaMask and OKX Web3 Wallet, providing functionality for various cryptocurrency transactions and DeFi activities

  • Full-Colour Touchscreen: Intuitive and user-friendly experience, making crypto straightforward and accessible, even for those new to cryptocurrency

  • Multi-Seed Phrase Support: Allows users to easily switch between different accounts, each protected by unique passwords or fingerprints, enhancing both security and convenience

  • Anti-Tamper Design: Features a durable physical build designed to resist tampering, ensuring the integrity and safety of the device and the cryptocurrency it protects

In Detail

Learn more about this product and all its features. If anything remains unanswered, our team is eager to assist you in any way.

Full product overview

The Keystone 3 Pro is a state-of-the-art crypto hardware wallet, designed to provide an unmatched level of security and convenience for crypto storage and management. At its core, the Keystone 3 Pro utilises a triple secure chip architecture, setting a new standard in the industry (you won't find this feature in any other cold wallet on the market). This design ensures that private keys, the cornerstone of cryptocurrency security, are stored in a completely isolated environment. By being 100% air-gapped, the Keystone 3 Pro is completely isolated to online threats, making it a truly secure cold wallet.

In terms of usability, the Keystone 3 Pro stands out with its full-colour touchscreen. This feature not only elevates the user experience by making navigation and transaction verification straightforward but also adds an extra layer of security. Users can visually verify transaction details directly on the device, which mitigates the risk of fallacies often found in non-visual verification processes. The inclusion of a rear camera for QR code scanning is how transactions are confirmed offline and without compromising convenience.

Furthermore, the Keystone 3 Pro's compatibility with major wallets like MetaMask adds a layer of versatility, catering to a wide range of needs. The wallet's multi-seed phrase support is particularly noteworthy, enabling users to manage multiple accounts with ease – a feature that is highly beneficial for both personal and professional use. Each account can be secured with its unique password or fingerprint, enhancing both security and accessibility.

Unique security features
  • Triple Secure Chip Architecture: Keystone 3 Pro incorporates a sophisticated triple secure chip design, isolating private keys entirely from online threats

  • Air-Gapped Operations: Operating entirely offline with no WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or network connections, the Keystone 3 Pro utilises QR codes for executing private transactions

  • Physical Anti-Tamper Design: The wallet features a robust, physical build specifically engineered to resist tampering

  • Multi-Seed Phrase Support: Unique to the Keystone 3 Pro, this feature allows the management of multiple accounts securely. Each account can be accessed through distinct passwords or fingerprints, providing both flexibility and enhanced security for users managing diverse portfolios
Supported cryptocurrencies

Keystone 3 Pro is currently compatible with all major coins and tokens, find a full list here.

Technical Specs

Size: 62.44 × 103.9 × 12.08 mm

Weight: 103 grams

Material: PC + ABS

Works on: Android, iOS, Metamask

Input: Touch-screen, rear camera

Connectivity: None, air-gapped

Display: 4 inch ultra-high-resolution LCD

NFT support: Yes

Secure chip: PCI

Security: Open source, RNG, tamper-proof, triple-chip architecture, Secure Element chips

  • Keystone 3 Pro hardware wallet
  • USB charging cord
  • User manual
  • 6 x seed phrase recovery sheets
  • MicroSD card is NOT included