Trezor Keep Metal

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Introducing the brand new Trezor Keep Metal, a game-changer in seed phrase storage. This top-tier recovery seed solution is engineered from robust stainless steel, giving you protection against fire, water and physical damage. Easily replace fragile paper recovery seed cards with this virtually indestructible backup option. Its four-letter entry system eliminates confusion during wallet recovery—just the first four letters of each word are required. Furthermore, its sophisticated sharing system allows your backup phrase to be split into three secure wordlists. You set the minimum number needed for access, offering an extra layer of control and security.

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Key Features

  • Made of aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Shamir Backup is the gold standard of seed phrase recovery
  • Waterproof, resistant to acid, alkali & chemical corrosion, extreme-temperature resistant
  • Easy-to-use four-letter recovery seed entry design
  • Included pre-marking pen to mark the first four letters of each word ahead of punching

Technical Specs

Size: 100 x 35 mm

Weight: 475 grams

Material: AISI 304 aerospace grade stainless steel

Security: Waterproof, resistant to acid, alkali & chemical corrosion, extreme-temperature resistant, discreet design, self-encrypting

  • 3 x 20-word Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup devices
  • Pre-marking pen
  • Punching tool
  • Security seals
  • Step-by-step setup instructions guide

In Detail

Learn more about this product and all its features. If anything remains unanswered, our team is eager to assist you in any way.

Full product overview

Introducing the Trezor Keep Metal—Shamir Backup. This isn't just any seed phrase storage, it's the gold standard of recovery seed backups! Crafted from resilient stainless steel, this game-changer is built to resist fire, water and physical harm. So, forget about paper recovery seed cards that are all too easy to lose or damage. With the Trezor Keep Metal, securing your crypto wallets becomes effortless. Its four-letter entry system eliminates the risk of scrambling your precious backup phrase. The ingenious Trezor Keep Metal employs an advanced Shamir Backup system that lets you divide your seed phrase into three secure wordlists (recovery shares). You decide the minimum number of wordlists needed to unlock your wallet. So if two out of three is your lucky number, then two 20-word recovery shares are all it takes to regain access. The level of security is your choice to set, and it’s limitless. You can get extra Shamir Backup devices and bump up your wallet backup with up to 16 wordlists. Whether you're building a nest egg for retirement, securing a future for your family or just preparing for life's unexpected curveballs, do it in style with the Trezor Keep Metal. Welcome to the future of seed phrase backup protection.

Unique security features
  • Physical Durability: Constructed from AISI 304 aerospace grade stainless steel with a durable black surface treatment. It is designed to be waterproof, resistant to acid, alkali, chemical corrosion, and extreme temperatures

  • Tamper-Evident Features: Utilises tamper-evident stickers with unique IDs for sealing, ensuring the integrity of the device and alerting to any unauthorised access attempts

  • Detailed Setup Process: Includes various components like a capsule chamber, punching tool, pre-marking pen, and tamper-evident stickers for a secure and organised storage of recovery seed phrases
Supported seed phrase types

Compatible with Trezor Safe 3, Model T, and Model One hardware wallets as well as most other popular wallets. Designed for storing 12-word recovery seeds from all crypto hardware wallets and supports both 12-word and 24-word standard backups. It is also suitable for Shamir backup, a security standard allowing the creation of multiple unique recovery shares for backing up private keys.

Official Trezor Keep Metal Setup Guide

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